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BLOG: Santa Photo Day Recap

Thank you to everyone who came out this year. Click to read and see the highlights. 

BLOG: Say Cheese! Santa is Coming to FTC

Santa is coming to FTC. Click to see when he is coming to your FTC location. 

NEWS: South Carolina Is Ready For Business with Access to the Fastest Internet Available in the Nation

FTC is among 11 Spirit Communications member-owners laying the groundwork for expanding economic development in South Carolina. Click to read more. 

BLOG: A New Era of Smartphone Technology at FTC

New smartphones are here! Click to see the new arrivals. 

NEWS: FTC Won't Charge Customers for Talk, Text, Data Usage From Oct. 7-11

Beacause of the damages from Hurricane Matthew, FTC won't charge customers for talk, text and data usage From Oct. 7-11. Click to read more. 

BLOG: Pokémon Go: What’s this craze about and why should I care?

Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm. Players from all ages and walks of life are getting in on the action. Have you joined the hunt and started to capture these pocket monsters yet? What is this craze about and why should you care? 

BLOG: Don't Miss a Snap this Fall with WatchTVEverywhere and WatchESPN

This football season, you won't miss a snap with WatchTVEverywhere and the WatchESPN app. Click to learn more. 

BLOG: Summer Living at Its Finest

One of the best parts about living in South Carolina are the fun weekend getaway destinations located around the state. Click to see our favorites.

BLOG: Internet Takeover is Here to Stay; Make Sure You Have the Fastest Connection Available

Take a look around your home. You have your smart TV, which is hooked up to Netflix. You have your smartphone within reach. Your kids are playing a game on your tablet. And you’re sitting there on your laptop computer. Only problem - you're Internet isn't fast enough.Click to see how you can change that.

BLOG: FTC — No Slow Downloads, No Hidden Fees and No Stress!

Tired of those extra fees other companies add on to your bill? You won't get that from us. Click to see why. 

BLOG: The Coolest Doorbell Ever

Can you really see who is at your door from your phone? With this doorbell you can! Click to read more.

BLOG: LTE: What’s The Big Deal?

Faster wireless phone speeds are here! Read how FTC is speeding up your wireless download speeds with LTE conversion. 

BLOG: 5 TV Shows You Need to Be Watching

Get ready to be glued to the TV. Here are 5 TV shows you need to be watching. Click to see. 

BLOG: Seven Exercises You Can Do From the Comfort of Your Home

Trying to lose weight? We have seven exercises you can do from your living room while you watch TV! Click for more info.

NEWS: FTC Introducing Faster Wireless Data Speeds with the Conversion of its Wireless Network to LTE

Experiencing faster data speeds on your wireless device? Here is why! 

BLOG: Shhh … Don’t Check Twitter

Right before you turn your light off to go to bed, you decide to check Twitter — bad idea! You just read a spoiler! Read to see how Twitter is ruining lives of all TV watchers! 

BLOG: Don’t Let a Grinch Steal Your Christmas Joy

Not every person out there has been preparing for Christmas the same way. While you were busy shopping, attending Christmas parties or spending time with friends, others were occupying their time in a different way. Click to find out how you can keep the Grinch from ruining your holiday season. 

BLOG: Top 5 Christmas Movies

This time of year, it’s practically impossible to turn on your TV without subjecting yourself to endless marathons of Christmas movies, but who’s complaining? Not us! Here are some of the greatest Christmas classics, so put that wrapping paper down and pick up that remote. Click to see our favorites! 

BLOG: Thanksgiving Food for Thought

Who doesn’t love the four “F”s of Thanksgiving: football, family, friends and food.We are going to focus on the fourth “F” – food – and help you get ready to leave everyone’s stomachs stuffed this Thanksgiving. Click to see how you can make the best food this Thanksgiving! 

BLOG: Say Goodbye to Your Wallet

It may sound futuristic to pay for groceries without your wallet, but we now have the technology that will make you walletless! Read more to find out what we're talking about! 

NEWS: FTC Named Innovation Award Winner

FTC recently was named one of six 2015 Calix Innovation Award winners for its partnership with HTC. Read more here!  

BLOG: 5 Recipes to Take Your Tailgate to The Next Level

If you are tired of the boring hot dog and burger tailgate fare, we’re here to help! 

BLOG: Summertime Sweets

Summertime is full of laughter, fun and memories. Parties and gatherings happen almost every weekend, so having a go-to dessert to bring is very important. 

BLOG: Gigabit Internet: Faster than a Speeding Bullet

Gigabit Internet is the newest, most exclusive Internet service available today. Learn what that means for you.

NEWS: FTC Converting Telephone Network to New Technology

FTC is in the final stages of a conversion to a new core switch that will better serve its telephone customers, company officials recently announced.

NEWS: FTC Wins Silver Addy Award for "Let's Be Honest" Campaign

The work of local telecommunications company FTC was honored at the American Marketing Association’s 2014 Third District Addy Awards held in Myrtle Beach on Feb. 7.

NEWS: FTC Reminds Residents of 854 Area Code to Go into Effect March 14th

Residential and business customers within the existing 843 area code should be prepared for the introduction of a new 854 area code. FTC announced today that beginning Oct. 19, customers in the 843 area code region requesting new service, an additional line, or in some cases moving their service, could be assigned a number in the new 854 area code.

BLOG: Wi-Fi in the Home: Why Life is Better Unplugged

With Wi-Fi in the home, you can do more from anywhere in your home without the restriction of wires and cords.

BLOG: Additional Area Code to Go into Effect for 843 Region

10-digital dialing for all local calls to be implemented by FTC.

BLOG: Businesses Offering Wi-Fi Can Increase Store Traffic, Sales and Customer Loyalty

Whether it’s a working lunch at a local restaurant, catching up on e-mails and Facebook at Starbucks, or streaming a movie for little ones while waiting at the doctor’s office, a strong Wi-Fi connection is a great offering for your customers.