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  • Advice to Melania Trump: Here's how to tackle cyberbullying
    The stories capture our attention and break our hearts every time. The most recent case: An 18-year-old girl in Texas who took her own life in front of her family after she was repeatedly bullied about her weight.
  • Teen who was relentlessly bullied kills herself in front of her family
    Brandy Vela's bedroom is covered in Post-it notes. "You will always own a piece of my heart," says one. "You will never be forgotten," says another.
  • A kid's guide to dealing with cyberbullying
    Those folks who make cruel remarks just to stir the pot are everywhere. Kids are affected by this to varying degrees, depending on many factors, including a kid's age, his or her level of sensitivity, the severity of the comments, and the kid's social situation. Here are some tips for dealing with the emotional impact and the practical aspects of online haters and trolls:

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  • Silly Putty Mix Shows Promise as High-Tech Sensor
    Researchers are stretching the possibilities of polymers, breaking new ground in the field of composites with a combination of homemade "Silly Putty" and graphene that yields an extremely sensitive sensor. Photo: AMBER, Trinity College Dublin
  • Heart Disease Spikes U.S. Death Rate Higher
    The death rate from heart disease in the U.S. rose nearly 1% in 2015, ending four decades of progress against the country's leading cause of death. WSJ's Betsy McKay and Dr. Stephen Sidney explain on Lunch Break with Tanya Rivero. Photo: Reuters
  • NYU Doctors Customizing Cancer Patients' Meals
    Cancer patients' lack of appetite often is a main culprit in their slow rate of healing. WSJ's Lucette Lagnado and NYU Langone Medical Center's Dr. Omar Ishaq discuss the hospital's new program of providing patients with home-delivered customized meals to be sure they stay properly nourished. Photo: NYU Langone Medical Center