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  • Norovirus Stomach Bug: How Bad Is It This Year?
    Norovirus, a particularly fierce stomach virus, is striking this month and has forced school closings around the country. WSJ's Sumathi Reddy and Emory University's Dr. Christine Moe discuss the strength of the virus on Lunch Break with Tanya Rivero. Photo: CDC
  • Replacing Obamacare: Who Pays to Cover the Sickest?
    The GOP-controlled Senate cleared a hurdle Thursday to begin their plans to repeal Obamacare. But any replacement health plan would have to clear another hurdle: how to pay the expense of treating patients like 18-year old Alexandra Hulme who has juvenile arthritis and has her care covered through an Affordable Care Act plan. WSJ's Louise Radnofsky and Tanya Rivero discuss the challenges. Photo: KC McGinnis for The Wall Street Journal
  • Trump: Health-Law Replacement Plan Coming Soon
    President-elect Donald Trump says repeal and replacement of President Obama's health-care law will be done "essentially simultaneously" ?- after his health secretary gets confirmed. Photo: Getty