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Let’s Be Honest: Everything You Need to Know About Your Community is in One App

03/20/2015 by FTC
FTC recently launched FTC Search, a new smart phone, tablet and computer app that helps users find and connect with businesses and people quickly and easily.

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Wi-Fi in the Home: Why Life is Better Unplugged

03/03/2015 by FTC
With Wi-Fi in the home, you can do more from anywhere in your home without the restriction of wires and cords.

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Additional area code to go into effect for 843 region

02/25/2015 by FTC
10-digital dialing for all local calls to be implemented by FTC

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How To Protect Yourself From Fraud This Holiday Season

12/17/2014 by FTC
While the holiday season is often referred to as the “Most wonderful time of the year,” it is also one of the most active times for criminals and crooks to take advantage of you.

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Businesses Offering Wi-Fi Can Increase Store Traffic, Sales and Customer Loyalty

11/12/2014 by FTC
Whether it’s a working lunch at a local restaurant, catching up on e-mails and Facebook at Starbucks, or streaming a movie for little ones while waiting at the doctor’s office, a strong Wi-Fi connection is a great offering for your customers.

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What is Gigabit Internet and why does it have us so geeked out?

11/12/2014 by FTC
Technology keeps progressing; it’s a fact of life. In the late 1990's, dial-up Internet served us well. We could browse the websites that were available, check our e-mails and transfer files.Then we got a little faster…

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Playing with Fire – Amazon’s Smart Phone

09/17/2014 by FTC
You’ve probably seen the funny commercials on TV about Amazon’s new, and very first smart phone, the Amazon Fire. Basically, if you like to shop, watch TV, listen to music, read books, get instant access to information when you need it, all from your phone, listen up.

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For College Football Stalwarts, The Countdown Is On

08/08/2014 by FTC
Not only for the kickoff of the season, but also for the launch of the long-awaited SEC Network, which FTC is excited about having as part of its FTC Vision channel lineup.

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What to Watch This Summer

06/16/2014 by FTC
School’s out, it’s extra hot outside and all of your favorite prime-time shows are on hiatus. We get it; it’s rough. Don’t worry! We’ve rounded up some of the most anticipated new shows on FTC Vision and FTC Internet.

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FTC How-To Guide for Recycling Your Old Phone Book

05/20/2014 by FTC
Every year phone books add 660,000 tons of waste into our country’s landfills because many people don’t know they are recyclable. FTC has compiled some helpful tips on how to easily recycle that old phone book this year and make it a habit for years to come.

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