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BLOG: A New Era of Smartphone Technology at FTC


Have you fallen victim to a broken screen on your smartphone? It happens, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with it. Now is the time to upgrade to something new! With the new wireless devices now available at all of the FTC stores, you are covered.

As an FTC Wireless customer, you can choose from a number of the hottest phones available today. Here are two top-name arrivals to consider when you say goodbye to your old phone.

Combining a sleek metal design with a vibrant Quad-HD display, advanced processor and top-rated camera, the LG G5 represents the evolution of the premium smartphone. It is the first LG phone to combine an all-metal modular body with a removable battery.

Capture larger-than-life moments with the G5’s top-of-the-line dual rear cameras featuring 16 MP standard and 8 MP ultra-wide-angle lenses. What does all that mean? Basically, your pictures will give even the best cameras on the market a run for their money. (No filters needed!)

And would you like to take your smartphone experience into the future? Three words: Virtual. Reality. Headset. This game-changing technology allows you to experience apps, games and videos on your phone in a whole new way, and the LG G5 is one of the few phones that allow you to use it.

Additionally, the LG G5 features the highest-quality image display and delivers an immersive experience you have to see to believe! The LG G5 lets you pursue your passions while looking sleek and stylish.

iPhone 7
It’s here! The technology world has been abuzz about the iPhone 7 — and for good reason. From the longer-lasting battery life to its ability to be fully submerged in water, this new addition to the Apple family significantly improves the overall iPhone user experience.

With the new iPhone, water damage is a thing of the past because the phone is water- and splash-resistant. Its entire enclosure was reengineered (think “submarine” design) to protect your phone like never before.

The iPhone 7 also debuts a re-engineered camera featuring optical image stabilization and a six-element lens to make it even better for shooting photos and videos in low light. Never miss capturing those bonfire-on-the-beach moments again!

Additionally, the phone’s revolutionized wireless technology has put the tech world on its head. Instead of traditional, wired earbuds, the iPhone 7 supports the use of cordless AirPods that connect through the phone’s Bluetooth. If you want to use traditional earbuds, you still can with the included jack adapter.

No matter your phone preference, we can set you up with a new wireless device you’ll love. Stop into one of our retail locations to check out the latest in smartphone technology at FTC.