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BLOG: Gigabit Internet: Faster than a Speeding Bullet


While it may be hard for some people to remember, many Americans can recall the days of dial-up Internet and having to wait for minutes for a webpage to load.

Many probably recall having to yell to a family member to get off the Internet so they could make a call on the family landline phone.

Those problems were fixed with the innovation of high-speed Internet. Today, the chief complaints among Internet users are video buffering problems or slow download speeds.

The latest innovation, Gigabit Internet, has eliminated waiting when surfing the web. People are streaming videos instantaneously, downloading multiple files in seconds and connecting multiple devices to their Internet without incurring any lag time. 

Despite the next wave of high-speed Internet being available to some Americans, including those FTC customers who have Fiber To The Home, most still do not know about, nor have ever heard of, Gigabit Internet.

What is Gigabit Internet?

Gigabit Internet is the newest, most exclusive Internet service available today. Its speed is equal to 1,000 Mpbs (megabits per second), 100 times faster than the average consumer Internet available in most communities today. 

So, Gigabit Internet is fast, but how fast?

Download speed:

  • 25 songs in one second
  • Your favorite TV show in less than three seconds
  • HD movie in 36 seconds  

How to get Gigabit Internet

Gigabit Internet is available through FTC’s Fiber To The Home network. Currently, just select areas in the United States receive Gigabit Internet access. In 2014, a mere 34 cities had access to the hyper-speed Internet. FTC’s 1 Gig offering is symmetrical, meaning the 1 Gigabit speed is for both downloads and uploads.

Current FTC Internet users with FTTH can upgrade to Gigabit Internet easily, needing just the minimum computer software requirements and a Gigabit ethernet adapter, which is furnished by FTC. Through FTC, Gigabit Internet-only packages start at $79.95 a month, and bundles begin at $124.95 a month.

Can My Wireless Device operate at Gigabit Internet speeds?

As of now, cell phones and other wireless devices are unable to operate at 1 Gig.

With FTC Gigabit Internet, though, customers will get the most out of their wireless devices and experience Internet speeds only a handful of Americans currently enjoy. Gone are the days of waiting; the days of speed are here to stay with FTC.

To inquire about how you can have Gigabit Internet in your home, call 888-218-5050 or click here to learn more.