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BLOG: Internet Takeover is Here to Stay; Make Sure You Have the Fastest Connection Available


Take a look around your home. You have your smart TV, which is hooked up to Netflix. You have your smartphone within reach. Your kids are playing a game on your tablet. And you’re sitting there on your laptop computer.

What do all of those scenarios have in common? Those devices are all using your Internet connection and sucking up the speed. So now Netflix is having to buffer, Facebook on your phone is taking forever to refresh, your kids can’t download that new game from the app store and your Internet browser just doesn’t load fast enough.

It’s a common issue across the United States with the average household having more than 10 devices utilizing Wi Fi.

With more and more devices being used each day, and all at the same time, you need an Internet connection that can keep up with the whole family.  FTC Internet offers powerful, uninterrupted connectivity – no matter what your family throws its way. And you can get 25 megabits per second with a free modem and in-home Wi Fi for only $49.95 a month.

On top of that great deal, FTC Fiber To The Home Internet customers can enjoy Gigabit Internet, the fastest Internet available in the marketplace. Gigabit Internet has completely removed any waiting when surfing the web. People are streaming videos instantaneously, downloading multiple files within seconds and connecting multiple devices to their Internet without experiencing any lagging. And because it’s a “symmetrical” 1 Gig service, they can upload files at the same lightening fast speed. 

And even though FTC has been offering the “Gig” for some time now, many are still not familiar with it.

What is Gigabit Internet?

Gigabit Internet is the newest, most exclusive Internet service available today. Its speed is equal to 1,000 mbps (megabits per second), 100 times faster than the average consumer Internet available in most communities today. 

So, Gigabit Internet is fast, but how fast?

Download speeds

  • 25 songs in one second
  • Your favorite TV show in less than three seconds
  • HD movie in 36 seconds  

So if you want to take advantage of FTC’s fantastic Internet packages and say goodbye to slow Internet speeds, visit our websiteor call (888) 218-5050. Life is so much better when you don’t have to wait!