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BLOG: The Coolest Doorbell Ever


Welcome to the 21st century, homeowners!  Just when the world thought home security couldn’t get any more tech-savvy, we’re excited to introduce a brand-new home security tool — the Ring Video Doorbell.

Equipped with multiple high-tech features, the Ring Video Doorbell connects to a resident’s wireless Internet and allows him to view and talk with anyone at his doorstep.

How is this possible? Well, the Ring Video Doorbell has a 180-degree HD camera equipped with night vision and two-way audio. When someone rings the doorbell, the homeowner gets a notification on his smartphone or tablet, similar to a video chat

Ring’s surveillance camera is also motion-activated. So, even if someone approaches the front door and doesn’t ring the doorbell, the resident will still be able to keep tabs on the home and help ensure his family’s safety. And Ring’s infrared LED lights enable night vision, so the resident can relax knowing that the Ring Video Doorbell will be watching over the home even after dark.

Peace of Mind, Even When Away
The Ring can provide peace of mind even when a family is on vacation or otherwise away from home, as it makes checking in easy. One of the doorbell’s best features is the free Ring app, which allows the homeowner to see and speak with anyone at the front door, receive alerts if there is motion outside the home and review any recorded footage.

The Ring Video Doorbell enables access to Cloud Recording. This feature uses the doorbell’s built-in camera to capture all movement around the front door and record all doorbell button presses. Homeowners can then view this footage anytime using their Ring app. With the Ring Video Doorbell purchase, a person gets a free, 30-day trial of Cloud Recording. Once the trial period is up, he can pay $3 a month or $30 annually for the feature.

Another great feature of the Ring Video Doorbell is its water resistance. Homeowners won’t have to worry about the device being ruined in a snowstorm or blown away by hurricane winds. Testing has shown Ring to hold up in heat, humidity, rain, sleet and snow. So bring it on, Mother Nature!

Easy Installation
Installation of the Ring Video Doorbell is easy. When a person orders the Ring, he will receive all the needed installation materials and tools. It only takes minutes, and no professional help or special tools are required. It can be installed where the current doorbell button is located by simply connecting a pair of wires or if the homeowner wants to install it in another area, the device can operate off its battery, which also serves as backup power if electricity goes off.  

If the homeowner does need help with installation, FTC will be happy to send one of its service technicians to the home.

Available in four different colors, the Ring can be mounted on nearly any home exterior, whether it’s wood, cement, brick, vinyl or stucco. Visit this page to learn more. And costing only a one-time payment of $199, the Ring Video Doorbell won’t break the budget, either. When a person purchases the Ring, he also gets Lifetime Purchase Protection. In the instance of any damage or if it is stolen, FTC will replace it free of charge.

View a few customer-submitted videos here to see for yourself how reliable and amazing the Ring Video Doorbell really is. For more information about the Ring Video Doorbell, visit FTC’s website at www.ftc-i.net. For direct customer service, call us at (888) 218-5050, or visit our website and live chat with one of our representatives.