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NEWS: FTC Introducing Faster Wireless Data Speeds with the Conversion of its Wireless Network to LTE


KINGSTREE, Jan. 28 – FTC customers are enjoying faster than ever data speeds on their wireless devices, thanks to the company’s recent conversion to Long Term Evolution, commonly referred to as LTE.

The fastest data speed available, LTE provides speeds 10 times faster than 3G networks.

The new upgraded network, which consists of 137 towers that are part of the AT&T Global Network, will also improve data coverage, enhancing the overall performance of the entire network.

“We are excited about the upgrade to LTE,” said Chip Chase, FTC public relations director. “Our wireless customers’ service just got even better. This conversion is just another example of FTC’s commitment to providing the best service available.”

Users will be able to see the change when they look at their devices and notice LTE in the upper left corner.

Another example of the company’s commitment to improve its services is the constant search to add towers where needed. A wireless tower is currently under construction on the west side of Sumter. This addition to the FTC wireless network will improve coverage in that part of the company’s territory.

“We understand that it’s important to be able to rely on your wireless service,” Chase said. “Our employees work diligently to ensure we have the best service available. After all, they are not just employees; they and their families are customers, too.”

For more information, please visit www.ftc-i.net. If customers have any questions regarding information provided in this release, please call FTC at 888-218-5050.

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