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NEWS: FTC Teams Up With NTCA to Expand Broadband


What if we told you that you could have a helping hand in bringing improved telecommunications capabilities right to your front door, at no cost? FTC has teamed up with NTCA-The Rural Broadband Association (NTCA) to help reinforce the importance of rural broadband as a key component of our national infrastructure to gain President Donald Trump and his advisers’ support.

Now that he is in office, the process of implementing advanced communication networks will be very important. His team understands the importance of sophisticated communications infrastructure capable of delivering high-speed, high-quality, affordable broadband to all corners of America.

Part of his policy is expected to positively affect the FTC coverage area! It is expected that his technology policy, as it applies to broadband expansion, will involve removing some of the regulations that have stymied high-speed Internet investment. Currently, broadband expansion efforts face lots of red tape, high fees and poor infrastructure planning from the government.

Should his policy be accepted and changes made, our region could see improved broadband and Internet capabilities with the addition of more fiber optic coverage. This would mean faster and less expensive broadband to rural America.

NTCA has introduced a social media campaign to generate awareness and persuade our incoming president and his advisers that rural America also believes that rural broadband is a key component of our national infrastructure and that access to broadband is necessary to making rural America great again!

NTCA diligently works to improve the country’s rural communities. NTCA advocates for more than 800 independent, community based telecommunications companies (one of which is FTC) and serves rural customers in 45 states. FTC and other telecommunication providers around the country are making sure that rural Americans have access to affordable and reliable broadband services to connect their homes, businesses and communities.

Broadband provides connections for consumers in rural areas, as well as agricultural production, safety and new business locations. NTCA members connect rural America, but the areas they operate are difficult to reach. To get and keep these areas connected, pro-investment public policies and commitment to the vitality and sustainability of American infrastructure is needed.

The importance of broadband and how it builds in rural America is so important. It’s a fundamental key component for this country’s future infrastructure.

So what is broadband?
In simple terms, broadband is high-speed Internet. Broadband connections are the fastest Internet connections available and include: Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), Cable Modem, Fiber, Wireless, Satellite and Broadband over Powerlines (BPL).

Why is broadband important to our community?
With improved Internet speeds in rural areas, studies show these improvements deliver substantial payback for urban areas and the nation as a whole.

How can you help?
In the coming weeks and months, we will be publishing content about the initiative on our Facebook page. To voice your support for broadband expansion in our area, share our posts so more people become aware!