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NEWS: Get in Shape this Summer with “Fitness Focus” on FTC Now


Summer is here, temperatures are rising and making an effort to exercise is a high priority for many. With “Fitness Focus” programs through FTC Now, FTC Digital TV customers can get in shape in the comfort of their own homes and avoid expensive exercise classes.

No matter the fitness level, there is an exercise program for everyone. With classes ranging from high- to low-impact workouts, there is less room for excuses and more opportunity to tune in for a great workout. Whether it is Zumba, Yoga, Cross-Fit or Core-Strengthening class, each program will have participants feeling the burn and losing inches from their waist.

The 30-minute, workouts air in the morning and evening, Monday through Saturday, making it easy to find the time to get fit while spending less time in the heat. Of course,  those with FTC DVD service can record any workout and watch it when they want.

Along with “Fitness Focus,” FTC now provides additional programs for subscribers including local high school sports, fun and festive hometown events, and original cooking shows showcasing local cooks.

“We want our customers to utilize every program that FTC Now offers,” said Chip Chase, public relations director for FTC. “Whether they are working out with ‘Fitness Focus’ in their living rooms, watching local cooking shows or learning about events happening around them, they can always tune in to see what is going on in the community.”

Not only is FTC Now bringing the community together, it is also giving customers more opportunities to have local programs right at their fingertips.