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NEWS: South Carolina Is Ready For Business with Access to the Fastest Internet Available in the Nati


COLUMBIA, SC October 25, 2016Privately owned Spirit Communications with its member-owners of South Carolina-based telecom companies announced today the kick-off of their “GigUP South Carolina” campaign. With its 11 member-owners working together, Spirit Communications has built a robust fiber network that runs throughout the state of South Carolina. FTC, one of the largest cooperatives in the country, is one of the 11 owners.

The goal of the GigUP South Carolina campaign is to promote the advances in the state’s gigabit internet capabilities that are the result of this unique business model — a model that highlights the combined efforts of the member-owner companies acting to meet the telecommunications needs of the state.

A strong telecommunications network is a top economic development-recruiting tool. The connective owners have enabled South Carolina leaders to promote the state as a Gigabit State. This claim can be made due to a robust fiber network providing gigabit capable connectivity throughout the state to anywhere in the world. Gigabit network capabilities made possible by this partnership make the state of South Carolina a top choice for businesses and consumers as they select where to open a new business or relocate.

“Through the unique structure of Spirit Communications – with 11 member-owners working together – we have been able to put in place the most robust statewide fiber network currently available,” said, Brian Singleton, CEO of TruVista and Chairman of Spirit Communications. “The advances in the state’s gigabit internet capabilities are the result of a model that showcases the combined efforts of the member-owner companies acting to meet the telecommunications needs of the state.”

Known as Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) and Fiber-To-The-Premises (FTTP) technology, the Spirit Communications’ member-owners located across the state have already constructed over 1,000,000 miles of gigabit-ready fiber optic infrastructure. FTC boasts nearly 3,500 sheath miles of fiber cable. With the help of FTC, Spirit Communications is continuing to build on that platform in order to accomplish GigUP South Carolina’s long-term vision for attracting innovative new businesses to South Carolina. The result will make South Carolina more competitive with other states for jobs and growth, and position the state for an enormous boost in economic development!

With a robust cyber highway in place, customers from Hilton Head north up the coast to Myrtle Beach, across state from Charleston to Columbia and Greenville, along the busy I-85 western and I-20 central corridors, to the cities and towns in between, Spirit and its member-owners are ready to GigUP South Carolina! From aerospace to tourism and manufacturing, businesses today require a vibrant and stable internet to function. The purpose of GigUP South Carolina is to promote the fact that Spirit Communications and its member-owners had the vision to light up the state with thousands of fiber optic mirrors that can move data faster and farther.

Spirit and their South Carolina-based member-owners are now ready to promote gigabit fiber projects statewide. Be on the look out for GigUP “Your Community” statewide. When you see a GigUP logo, you know you have access to the fastest internet available in the nation today! 

Residents and businesses all over South Carolina can share their interest in receiving FTTH internet services for their home, or FTTP internet services for business and government entities by visiting GigUP South Carolina’s new website at www.gigupsouthcarolina.com, where they can initiate the process for gaining access to significantly faster internet speeds.

“Delivering gigabit internet and offering throughout the State of South Carolina is quite an accomplishment and a positive impact on continued economic growth. The business community, as well as residents, is dependent on faster speeds and increased bandwidth and Spirit and its owner companies are delivering,” said Gary Simrill Chairman, Economic Development and Natural Resources Budget, South Carolina House of Representatives.  

“As we continue our quest to bring the latest communications advancements to the Carolinas and utilize the partnership of our company and our member-owners, we are excited to provide enhanced telecommunications technology to our state,” said Bob Keane, President and Chief Executive Officer for Spirit Communications.

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