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Top 10 Shows to Binge Watch on Netflix Right Now


Browsing through your Netflix guide can be overwhelming. A lot of us log in and end up watching the same show for the sixth time in a row. FTC is here to help shave some time off your next binge-worthy series search so you can get down to business. Here are some shows we cannot stop watching:

“Black Mirror”

Think modern-day “Twilight Zone.” This twisted drama has a different storyline each episode, so you don’t have to watch them back to back. Be prepared for thrilling action and heartbreaking humanity. The scariest part of “Black Mirror” is the uncanny similarities to reality seen in episodes that portray our society and the direction we seem to be headed with technology. Sometimes, it doesn’t seem to be fiction.

Check out Vulture's website for a list of the best episodes so you know where to begin.

“Stranger Things: Chapters One and Two”

A mother begins an investigation of her son’s mysterious disappearance, and things get pretty strange. A group of the missing boy’s friends and an unusual girl find the dark secrets hidden in their small town. That was Season One. Season Two showcases an action-packed plot with the same great characters we love and a few new ones. The mystery of the “upside down” continues, and the kids are at it again to save their town.

Rotten Tomatoes gives this one a stellar rating.

“The Crown”

This Netflix Original historical drama follows the life of Queen Elizabeth II and the scandals that seem to follow the royals. “The Crown” encompasses the larger-than-life events of the mid-20th century, and Netflix doesn’t leave out any royal family drama. This Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning series continues to entertain, with Season Two already available for streaming.

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This isn't a new one, but it is definitely a timeless favorite. Six friends journey through adult life while being lighthearted and endearing. This close-knit group of 20-somethings in New York City will make you laugh and cry, and the show will tug on your heartstrings once the characters begin to feel like your own friends. While you closely relate to the friends and scenarios, you’ll quickly notice how often the famous lines of this show are used in pop culture and everyday conversation. After all, Ross and Rachel were on a break.

Common Sense Media breaks down the famous 10-year run of Friends.

“Altered Carbon”

Set almost 300 years in the future, this series depicts a dystopian society overrun with technology that allows humans to become immortal by moving into younger bodies when their own die out. “Altered Carbon” is an exciting sci-fi show that digs into the ethical issues surrounding human mortality and will keep you invested throughout the series.

GameSpot has broken down the show to pique your interest.

“Master of None”

With the help of his friends, Dev wants to become a more serious actor and up his dating game. “Master of None” is written by and stars Aziz Ansari, a South Carolina native who bases the odd predicaments seen in this show on his real life. The short episodes are engulfed with humor and even address progressive issues in the setting of the Big Apple.

Get the scoop on Rotten Tomatoes' website.

“Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”

After being held in a bunker as part of a doomsday cult for 15 years, Kimmy breaks free and starts a new life in New York City, despite being drastically unprepared for adult life. This show is lighthearted and quirky with surprising substance and depth. “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” is sure to brighten up your day.

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“Everything Sucks!”

“Everything Sucks!” is a classic coming-of-age story set in the 1990s with enough nostalgia to go around. The characters are on the brink of starting high school and desperately want to fit in with the cool kids. The trio of friends discovers how to make high school bearable while entertaining a nostalgic audience. The show also gives insight on the struggles of parenting a teen in the 1990s.

Check out The Hollywood Reporter's take on the new series.


Netflix brings back this cult classic from the 1980s and has all 11 seasons for you to happily binge. Most of this show, which conquered the near-impossible by showing heart, depth and comical characters, takes place while the characters sit on their barstools. Be prepared to laugh and cry while watching the characters walk through life and drink together at the bar where everyone knows your name.

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“The Office”

A well-known comedic “classic” on Netflix, “The Office” takes place in Scranton, Pa., and showcases the hilarious antics of the employees of paper company Dunder Mifflin during their daily work routines. This half-hour show is easy to binge, and you may even start to find that the eclectic characters are a reflection of the people in your own office. Even if you might be a little ’sticious of this show, we highly suggest you set that aside and press play.

If you don't already have an idea of just how funny the show is, check out Metacritic's review.

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