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BLOG: Wi-Fi in the Home: Why Life is Better Unplugged


Whether you’re checking email, helping with homework or just looking up the weather, it’s more convenient to access the Internet on the go than restricted to a desk. With Wi-Fi in the home, you can do more from anywhere in your home without the restriction of wires and cords. 

Here are a few reasons why it’s worth unplugging: 

  • Go online from the comfort of your couch. With a residential Wi-Fi network, computers and devices in your home don’t have to be connected to cords and wires in order to connect to the Internet. You can access the Web from your couch, in bed, rocking on the front porch or sitting at the kitchen table – without anything connected to a network outlet.

  • Connect more devices at once. In most homes today, there is more than just one computer. Instead, digital home devices include smartphones, tablets, video game systems, TVs, notebooks and computers, printers and wearables – all activated by a Wi-Fi network. With a Wi-Fi network, it makes it easy to run multiple devices at once.

  • Make the most of your monthly wireless data plan. Tired of getting that notification each month saying you’re close to using all of your wireless data plan? Having Wi-Fi at home allows you to access the Internet, games and apps from your smartphone without having to count the data usage toward your monthly data package. 

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