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FTC Security

Things have changed since the days when you could leave your home unlocked while you were away. Most locks don't stop a determined burglar from entering your home, taking your property and turning your life upside down.

That's where FTC Security comes in. A security system from FTC is like having the police and fire departments right in your home. FTC Security Systems are specifically designed to provide you with fast, reliable, affordable burglary, fire, carbon monoxide protection and more. Most burglars are smart. Statistics show that they pick an unarmed house three times as often as an armed one. These bad guys know that if they enter a house protected by FTC Security, the odds are that they will get caught, so they pass it by.

FTC Security signage clearly marks protected homes to keep would-be burglars away. If they decide to attempt entry through a protected door or window, an alarm is activated. And, when monitored by our UL listed central monitoring station, you, along with the police or fire department, will be notified by one of our operators. Either way, you're protected.

FTC Security is an affordable way to protect your home or businesses. Whether you need a standard or custom security package, we've got you covered.


Protect your family against fire, theft and home invasion with affordable wireless, wired or customized packages.


The ultimate protection for your family and property with 24/7 intrusion and fire alarm monitoring by FTC Security's UL listed central monitoring station.

Reprogram/Panel Swap

Already have a security system? FTC Security can reprogram or change out a panel already installed in your home.

Total Connect

Stay connected and in control of your home or business whenever you want, wherever you are.

Personal Alert

The personal alert system includes a small help button you can wear around your neck or waist.

Additional Features

More services to protect you and your family.