Multi-Line Hunt Queuing

This feature is available for Multi-Line Hunt Groups only. It allows for incoming calls to be placed in a queue when all lines are busy within the hunt group. Callers are then connected to the first available line based on their position in the queue.

Upon entering the queue, the caller will hear a message that states, “All lines are busy. Your call will be answered in the order it was received.” After the initial message, you have the choice for a caller in queue to hear ringing or music.

Note: The number of queued calls cannot exceed the number of lines in the Multi-Line Hunt Group. Queued times are selected from 0-3600 seconds. Queue time out results in normal call treatment to include ringing busy when all lines are in use or transfer to voice mail (Message Center Plus) if provisioned on the account. Call FTC Customer Service at 888-218-5050 to activate.