High-Speed Internet that Makes Privacy a Priority

DS1 Service has the capacity to transmit information at speeds up to 1.544 Mbps. DS1 Service can also be used for facility connectivity from a serving wire center to the end-user for IP services such as ATM and Frame Relay.


  • Consolidates traffic from multiple smaller sites onto a single DS1 connection to the Central site

  • Allows High Speed Local Access to DS1, ATM and ISPs

  • Allows High Speed Local Access to IXC, and ISPs for LD and Internet access


  • LAN/WAN Interconnection
    For companies of all sizes, DS1 is the answer to the constantly growing demand for high-speed, high-integrity data transfer between sites within the same LATA.

  • Guaranteed Transmission Speeds
    DS1 is not subject to network congestion or delays. There is no contention for network resources through the network because the bandwidth is reserved throughout the network for the customer, providing guaranteed throughput.

  • Increased Network Security
    Since DS1 High Capacity Service is a dedicated line between the customer's sites, there is a greatly reduced possibility of unauthorized access to the network.

  • Secure Transmission for Mission Critical Data
    A dedicated DS1 is secure, versus shared bandwidth on the public data network. InterconnectionDS1 can connect Frame and ATM that can then connect to IP Networks.

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