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Maintenance Plan

Maintenance Plan

Connection Protection

Damage to inside wiring can be expensive to repair. With Connection Protection, you can rest assured because your FTC wires and jacks for FTC Internet, Voice, Security and Digital TV are covered. That’s total protection from damage caused by accidental cutting, pests, water and other unforeseen events.*

Without Connection Protection, the minimum charge for wiring and/or equipment is $80 for the first hours, not including materials.

Monthly Charge

  • $4.95 added monthly to your FTC bill

*FTC reserves the right to deny requested repairs and/or discontinue this service for instances of abuse or neglect.

Speed Test

Speed Test

To test the speed of your FTC Internet service, click on the link below.

Click here

Open Internet Statement

Open Internet Statement

Policies Preserving the Open Internet

Farmer’s Telephone Cooperative, Inc., together with its affiliates (collective, “FTC”), is committed to providing broadband Internet access services in a manner that fosters an open and robust public Internet and complies with the Open Internet Rules adopted by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).  Subject to reasonable network management practices, in providing fixed broadband Internet access service (“Fixed Service”), FTC will not: (1) block lawful content, applications, or services; (2) block or restrict end users from connecting and using any lawful device of their choosing (provided such device does not harm the network, and conforms to widely accepted and publicly available standards applicable to the service); or, (3) unreasonably discriminate in transmitting lawful network traffic.  In providing mobile broadband Internet access service (“Mobile Service”), FTC will not: (1) block access to lawful websites; or (2) block applications that compete with FTC’s own voice and/or video telephony services.

Network Management

Like other Internet service providers, FTC manages its network to protect the security, integrity and reliability of the network, such as to address spam, viruses and malicious content.  To do so, FTC uses generally accepted industry standard tools. FTC does not modify the protocols of these industry standard tools.  We also comply with applicable law, including laws for the protection of children online and the protection of intellectual property.  

Although our networks provide substantial capacity, they are not unlimited, and at times of high use, our networks may experience congestion.  FTC does not actively manage congestion on its fixed broadband networks at this time, but congestion management may be inherent in the industry standard protocols used to operate these networks.

During periods of network congestion on FTC’s mobile broadband Internet network, the network may temporarily limit speeds or the amount of data that users can transfer based on industry standard protocols, such as proportional fairness schedulers, inherent in the air interface between the customer device and the network.  Such management is "protocol-agnostic," which means that the network does not manage congestion based on the applications that customers are using.  This management is designed to ensure that no one user is denied access to network resources even during periods of congestion. 

Network Performance

FTC provides Fixed Service over a combination of fiber-optic cable and copper facilities using digital subscriber line (DSL) and PON technologies. FTC also provides mobile Internet access service using Wi-Fi Hotspots via the IEEE 802.11 standard over unlicensed spectrum.  

FTC provides Mobile Service over its state-of-the-art wireless radio network in its licensed service area using 3G technology.

FTC's "best effort" broadband services provided over DSL and GPON should meet the following minimum requirements:  

  • Bandwidth xDSL Service   -           95% of service 95% of the time on downstream
  • Bandwidth 1Gig Service    -           60% of service 60% of the time
  • Latency                                -           <50ms
  • Packet Loss                         -           <0.1%

FTC’s Business Class Ethernet Services should meet the following minimum requirements:

FTC Business Class Internet Service

  • Bandwidth     -            100% of layer 3 service 99% of the time.
  • Latency          -           <30ms
  • Packet Loss   -           <.1%  ( Utilization <  Service )

FTC Business Class Point to Point Ethernet

  • Bandwidth     -           100% of layer 2 service 99% of the time.
  • Latency          -           <30ms
  • Packet Loss   -           <.1%  ( Utilization <  Service )

FTC Business Class Point to Multipoint Ethernet

  • Bandwidth     -           100% of layer 2 service 99% of the time.
  • Latency          -           <30ms
  • Packet Loss   -           <.1%  ( Utilization <  Service )

Pricing and Terms and Conditions of Service

Information about pricing and the Terms and Conditions of Service including the Acceptable Use Policy is available here.

If you have questions or concerns about our open Internet policies or how we manage our network, please contact us at 1-888-218-5050.

Updated 2/8/12



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