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Maintenance Plan

Maintenance Plan

Get the most out of your security system with a maintenance plan from FTC Security. The Security System Maintenance Plan provides coverage for parts and labor to perform remedial maintenance service on the system necessary to the system's operation.*

Monthly Charge

  • $4.95 added monthly to your FTC Security bill

*Does not include sensor battery replacement and trouble found to be caused by equipment or circumstances external to the system, such as negligent damage, vandalism, fire or similar cause.

Additional Features

Additional Features

Cellular Backup: $5 monthly or $60 annually

Security System Maintenance: $4.95 monthly or $59.40 annually

24-Hour Testing: $10 monthly

Supervised Open/Close Report: $16 monthly or $162 annually

Open/Close Report: $15 monthly or $150 annually

Two-Way Voice: $4 monthly 



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