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Samsung DoubleTime

Samsung DoubleTime



Price shown requires two-year contract

How To Purchase

$87.50 No Contract
Requires a $20 text/data package for activiation

  • All sales final                    
  • All items are first come, first serve
  • While supplies last - limited quantities available
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • 75% off discount only available to purchase at 2 year pricing
  • Limit one device per active line

If one screen is great, imagine having two. The Samsung DoubleTime™ at AT&T is the innovative phone with 3.2" dual touchscreens. This amazing design gives you far more freedom and options for updates, inputs and enjoying your favorite movies, sites or games on the Web. When the phone is flipped open, it gives you more viewing angles, plus a built-in stand to free up your hands. When both screens fold together, the DoubleTime™ is amazingly compact. Typing is always easier when you have a full keyboard. This full QWERTY keyboard eliminates having to press a button multiple times to get the letter you want. Texting and social updates go much faster and you are in control like never before. The great thing about the Android 2.2, Froyo is that you have more control over your smartphone. You can access over 250,000 downloadable apps, games and widgets. Don’t worry about memory space for all those apps, because your DoubleTime™ comes with a free 2GB microSD card. With some other types of phones, you have very few options when it comes to customizing your home screen. But the DoubleTime™ allows you to be as expressive as you want. With 5 customizable home screens and the ability to add 2 additional home screens, you can move things around, rearrange, get creative and go crazy.

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