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$199.99 No Contract

Enjoy Wi-Fi on the go with the AT&T Unite ExploreTM mobile hotspot. Its rugged design is perfect for traveling domestically, internationally, or enduring tough outdoor environments. The AT&T Unite Explore is IP65 rated and MIL-STD-810G certified for protection against shock, water, dust, and dirt. With up to 22 hours of continuous use, the AT&T Unite Explore features a long-lasting battery that can easily connect up to 15 Wi-Fi devices. Simply power it on, connect, and go. With the Parental Controls and Content Filtering feature, you can filter select websites and block phishing and potentially harmful Internet content. Wi-Fi can also be shared and managed using Guest Wi-Fi, which includes a timer that can be set for the amount of time you want to let guests connect, and it will automatically turn off the Wi-Fi when their time is up. The AT&T Unite Explore mobile hotspot comes with a USB BatteryBoost cable that can keep your smartphone charged while you’re on the go. It’s engineered tough to withstand virtually anything that everyday life sends its way.

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