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Maintenance Plans

Connection Protection

Damage to inside wiring can be expensive to repair. With Connection Protection from FTC, you can rest assured because your wires and jacks for FTC Phone, Digital TV, Internet and Security services are covered. That's protection from damage caused by pests, water and deterioration.* 

Without Connection Protection, the minimum charge for wiring and/or equipment is $80 for the first hour, not including materials. 

Monthly Charge

  • $4.95 added monthly to your FTC bill
*FTC reserves the right to deny requested repairs and/or discontinue this service for instances of abuse or neglect.

Security System Maintenance

Get the most out of your security system with a maintenance plan from FTC Security. The Security System Maintenance Plan provides coverage for parts and labor to perform remedial maintenance service on the System necessary to the System's operation.* 

Monthly Charge

  • $4.95 added monthly to your FTC Security bill

*Does not include sensor battery replacement and trouble found to be caused by equipment or circumstances external to the system, such as negligent damage, vandalism, fire or similar cause.

Mobile Maintenance

The Mobile Maintenance Plan provides coverage for your mobile phone against damage or loss due to fire, theft, vandalism, liquids and physical damage. This plan protects the original equipment package purchased. The equipment included in this package is: handset, battery, charger and SIM card.

Plan Details

Maintenance Fee

  • Non-Data Handsets / $50 per claim
  • Smartphones/Data Devices** / $125 per claim
  • Two claims allowed per calendar year

Monthly Charge

  • $4.99 added monthly to your FTC Wireless bill

To Place a Claim

For Lost or Stolen Handsets, contact FTC Wireless immediately to suspend your service and protect yourself against unauthorized charges. Call 803-469-2525 or 1-800-671-0303 to report your loss. An FTC Customer Service Representative will be happy to help you.

For All Claims, come into any FTC location and a Customer Service Representative will complete a claim form, collect the Maintenance Fee and issue a new handset.*

Click here for the complete Maintenance Plan Coverage Summary.

*FTC Wireless will replace, or at the company's option, pay the full cost of repair or replacement for property that is damaged or destroyed, without deduction for depreciation, but with an appropriate deduction if the Maintenance fee provision applies. No payment will be made unless the property is actually repaired or replaced and the customer continues with an active account. ** Not available on Apple products.