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Digital TV : Video On Demand

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FTC Digital TV gives you television on your schedule. The video below gives you an overview of all the great things FTC Video On Demand offers, including thousands of the latest box office releases, sports and special events, and a robust selection of your favorite movies. The Video On Demand library includes a variety of programming, including new releases and old favorites. Enjoy kids’ shows, music and even some movies for free.

You can also check out upcoming releases in the Digital TV section of our website under VOD.


FTC Video On Demand Programming is easy to find and order.

First, launch the FTC Video On Demand library from the main menu by selecting Video On Demand. Then press OK to browse a list of videos or simply press the Video On Demand button and follow the same process. Use your Left and Right Arrow buttons on the remote control to navigate through the categories and your Up and Down Arrow buttons to move through the lists until you find the program you want to purchase.

When you highlight the program you want to purchase, press OK and a program information screen will be displayed showing the title, price, rental period, and detailed information about the program. To purchase the program, select Rent and OK. You will see a message asking you to confirm your purchase. Press OK to confirm. If the program is free to view, select and press OK to begin viewing.


It’s easy to find and rent On Demand movies, TV shows and more that are available to you whenever you choose and without ever having to leave your couch. Rental costs are listed by the title and many of them are free. The video below will walk you through the variety of free, rental, and Pay-Per-View programs that are available from Video On Demand (VOD) and how to find them.

You can visit your FTC Video On Demand library at any time by selecting Video On Demand from your program menu or by pressing the Video On Demand button on your remote control. Then press OK to browse the list of available videos. The VOD categories are shown along the horizontal menu. Use the Right/Left Arrows to choose between current rentals and other categories and press OK.